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The basics of Wisconsin worker’s compensation

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2022 | Work-Related Injuries, Worker's Compensation

Any employee, in any type of job, is at risk of being injured at work. Some jobs are more prone to accidents and some accidents are more serious than others, but the end result is the same – you get hurt at work and that impacts both your employment and your life outside of work. Worker’s compensation exists to mitigate that impact.

Who gets worker’s compensation?

Virtually everyone employed in Wisconsin is entitled to receive worker’s compensation when they are injured. If your employer has three or more employees, you are almost certainly protected by the Worker’s Compensation Act. There are some exceptions but they’re for very specific situations, like farmers.

What does it cover?

Worker’s compensation covers injuries and diseases which arise out of your job. Frequently, this means injuries suffered on the work premises as the result of an accident, but not always. There are circumstances where off-site injuries are also covered, as well as injuries and conditions which accumulate over time, rather than being the result of a specific event.

The employer is required to pay all reasonable and necessary medical expenses which arise from the injury or disease. This can include everything from cuts and broken limbs to mental issues such as nervous disorders. Occupational diseases are also covered by worker’s compensation, including infections, respiratory diseases and many others.

Beyond coverage for medical expenses, employees may also receive disability benefits to account for lost wages. The length of the benefits and their amount will depend upon the severity of the injury and what impact it has on the employee’s ability to work. A disability can be either partial or total and temporary or permanent. Every employee, and the injury they suffer, is unique – for help navigating the complexities of worker’s compensation, seek the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable professional.