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Client Testimonials

Hands Down Best Attorney For Work Comp/Personal Injury!

Attorney Peter Carman was such a blessing to me in a very dark time in my life. For once it felt like I truly had an advocate who really listened to me and my story, and at some points, he cared more about me and my life than I did. Pete made sure to make me get back into see the doctors when my PTSD got bad again. If your life has been forcefully altered because of an accident/injury, do yourself the biggest favor you could possibly do and contact his office. He sincerely cares about his clients, and he sees you for the whole person that you are; you’re not just another number to him. He’s a top-notch attorney and incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the insurance industry. God forbid something happened to one of my friends or family members, I wouldn’t send them anywhere else because I know Pete will fight for them.

Nathan; February 1, 2022

Professionalism And Tenacity!

Attorney Peter Carman is passionate about helping injured victims. His commitment to me via his integrity, diligence, knowledge of the law and persistence establish him above the rest. He is comprehensive, strategic and always one step ahead. Peter’s attention and detail to my case made it known I had the best advocate to care, keep me informed, fight for me and be the voice I needed to represent me against the opposing party and their attorney. He carried the burden of an uneasy and uncertain process which allowed me to focus on my healing. Peter is a powerful opponent who understands what is required to get the job done and do so with professionalism and tenacity.

Lisa S; February 10, 2022

Excellent Attorney

Peter Carman is a phenomenal attorney who I would highly recommend to anyone dealing with a personal injury or worker’s compensation claim. He is extremely knowledgeable in dealing with these cases. Peter is very professional, compassionate, and trustworthy. You are not just another number when working with Peter! He assesses your case and then takes action. I was very impressed with prompt Peter was in responding to phone calls and emails. This even included some after work hours and weekends if needed to address a concern. You will not find a more competent attorney than Peter Carman.

Anonymous; February 20, 2022

Professional And Responsive!

I hope no one ever has to go toe to toe with worker’s comp companies. If you do, you will quickly realize that it’s laden with headaches, heartaches, and nothing is ever simple. Peter is an honest lawyer who will not be afraid to tell you if your case is winnable. In the event that Peter does take your case, you can rest assured that you will get his best to make sure you do receive the compensation you deserve.

Kong Lee; November 12, 2021

Work Comp

When I called Peter he answered all my Work Comp questions. Made an appointment went to his office Peter was very professional. He explained everything to me in detail. Hired him that same day. He did a very good job on my case. I recommend him to anyone looking for a Work Comp attorney.

JoAnne; July 27, 2021

Recommended Exceptional Workman’s Compensation Attorney

Outstanding attorney, diligently advocated on my behalf over three years in a workman’s compensation claim. Attorney Carman responded to any concern or questions within minutes majority of the time (including outside business hours/weekends). I would recommend anyone requiring legal representation on a personal/work injury case to consult and retain Attorney Peter Carman, who will always put your needs and best interest above his.

Jennifer; July 27, 2021

Excellent Lawyer

Peter was very professional and quick to respond. Well organized and a very good representation for us. We would definitely recommend him as an attorney.

Barb; February 9, 2021

Attorney Peter Carman

Attorney Peter Carman is hands down the best choice. Attorney Carman is straight forward, determined to seek the best outcome for his client, and will go the extra mile.

Trina; January 4, 2021

Highly Recommended

Attorney Carman is very knowledgeable and professional. He kept us informed every step of the way.

Anonymous; January 3, 2021