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Truck driver fatigue and truck accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2022 | Truck Crashes

Because commercial trucks are so much larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, the have terrible destructive force in any collision. As a result, truck accidents can cause vast amounts of damages to victims and their families. It is important to understand what causes truck accidents and the legal protections available to victims injured in truck accidents.

Causes of truck driver fatigue

Truck driver fatigue can be a major contributing factor to truck accidents. It is helpful to understand what can lead to truck driver fatigue and how to avoid it. Common causes of truck driver fatigue include:

  • Truck driver illness: Truck drivers who have fallen ill may feel tired and have difficulty focusing on the roadway as a result which can lead to truck accidents.
  • Medication use by the truck driver: Truck drivers who are driving while medicated may experience sleepiness as a result which can lead to truck accidents.
  • Truck driver under the influence: Driving while under the influence can increase grogginess and increase the likelihood of truck driver fatigue.
  • Odd hours or shifts: Truck drivers can end up driving during odd hours, including during the middle of the night, which they may not adjust to and can experience fatigue as a result.
  • Unreasonable deadlines: Truck drivers may be placed under unreasonable pressures and deadlines which may cause them to drive while drowsy and can increase the risk of a truck accident.
  • Lack of adequate rest breaks: When truck drivers fail to take adequate rest breaks as required by trucking regulations, they may experience fatigue that can cause truck accidents.

Truck driver fatigue can reduce a truck driver’s response time, make it difficult for them to make quick decisions required while driving and may reduce their ability to focus and concentrate on the road. When a truck driver, or trucking company, has negligently caused a truck accident, they may be liable to compensate victims for the harm they have caused which is an important legal protection victims should be familiar with.