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5 scenarios covered by worker’s compensation benefits

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Both public and private employees can rely on their worker’s compensation benefits when they suffer work-related injuries. However, coverage can extend beyond the workplace.

You could use this benefit if you got injured in the following scenarios:

  • While hauling objects or doing strenuous tasks on the job
  • Commuting to and from work
  • Within company property
  • Outside company premises to perform a work task
  • In a road accident while performing your job

However, the nature of your injury and its circumstances can affect your coverage. You may be unable to file a claim for self-inflicted wounds or injuries from fighting.

Qualified injuries

The following injuries qualify for worker’s compensation benefits in Wisconsin:

  • Physical harm, including fractures, sprains, strains, paralysis and amputation.
  • Mental harm, including trauma, mental health disorders and hysteria. Although, these cases may require more extensive evidence to show what factors contributed to the employee’s distress.
  • Injuries caused by accidents.
  • Diseases linked to work activities. Prolonged exposure to toxic substances can cause lung issues, skin problems and various types of poisoning.

Some jobs can also result in hearing and vision loss, for which you may qualify based on your circumstances.

Notifying your employer

Your eligibility can also depend on how soon you notify your employer. If you do not report it within 30 days of obtaining the injury, you might have problems proving it is work-related. However, some occupational health issues can take time to manifest. You must report these cases within 30 days of discovering the condition.

Additionally, telling your employer about your condition can help ensure you receive the right treatments. Getting the proper diagnosis and medical care can help establish your worker’s compensation claim, including all your expenses.